Rashmi Ray

Make a statement.

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I feel alive when I’m immersed in colour and culture.
— Rashmi Ray, culture enthusiast

Our Roots

We have an affinity to culture, and we travel around the world soaking in as much beauty as we can. Our selection of eclectic and bold jewellery is inspired by our findings. We're always thinking of how we can re-imagine costumes worn in a particular tribal culture, make vintage British Raj jewellery relevant for today or create exclusive statements with regal gemstones.

We appreciate how details of a bygone time have left their mark on cultures today from distinct colours and iconic patterns to the style and craftsmanship we associate with them. And we love love love the idea of wearing a luxury statement piece of jewellery that tells a story of a distant land or people. Somehow it makes us feel united.

Shaped for You

Who said you can't make a statement everyday? We want our jewellery to make you feel the true breadth of your awesomeness. Each piece on RashmiRay.com is handmade with love to empower you with creativity.

Can you think of a time you turned a blind eye to the necklace or ring your mum, friend or colleague wore? Jewellery has the potential to stand out on a person so much we feel compelled to compliment them. RashmiRay.com hosts a collection of statement jewellery pieces sourced, designed and co-created all over the world with the bold and confident you in mind. Even a small ring can make all the difference and you don't need to wait for that cocktail party.

Culture of Love

We donate 10% of all proceeds from this site to a 'charity of the moment'*, which enables us to contribute to many life-changing initiatives. 

AND... since the team at RashmiRay.com advocates collaboration and co-creation we have a goal to help 10 hard to reach artists share this platform to showcase their designs too, so they can reap the benefits of digital progress by January 2018.

Do you know a great jewellery designer that will positively contribute to the fashion world?

We would require them to embrace donating 10% of all their proceeds to charity too. Contact us with their details. 

*Charity of the Moment


The teams at Centrepoint work hard all year round to give homeless young people a better future. There are many reasons a young person may become homeless, such as a family break up or a mental health issue. The charity helps 9,000 young people a year find a home and a job in London, Bradford and Sunderland. Just £15 can pay for a warm bed this winter.